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'74 El Camino Classic

Starting out as a humble little truck with a tiny 350 4 barrel in 2001, it's now a driveshift spiting street monster. I have not had the time or money to bring it up to race trim but, it's coming.

Mods. on this truck include:

    Out with the small block and in with a 462 cid rat motor. A 850 cfm double pumper, Proformer 2-0, and a 268H cam.

A Fly By Night Racing turbo 400 trans. with the big sprage and a shift kit.

Hooker Headers and 3in Pypes race pros.

4 in cowl hood.

225/70/R15's front and 235/75/R15's in the rear on Rally wheels.

3.42 and a posi in a 8.5 rear end.

And more to come!

Bad street rat.


4 in cowl hood from Glasstek

The big block was just too much for for this driveshaft!

Surprisingly there was not damage to the trans. or the rearend. The driveshaft just left in one piece. I will tell you it sounded like a bomb when it went off.



This is the plan for paint for the El Camino. It's my version of Super Sport trim. The stripe idea came from a '73 chevelle stripe. It will have a blacked out grill with a SS emblem. The side SS emblems will be rised chrome. The SS paint job will also have 70's style dubble hood, roof and, deck lid stripes.


I need a center console and shifter for a El Camino with a auto. Woodgrian would be nice.

Fender trim for a non-SS car. It's shorter then the SS trim.