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Rear suspension

Rear sway-bar, an important part in the puzzle.
Mounting the rear sway-bar is esier then mounting the front bar. You will need to remove the wall that separates the battery compartment and the stock speed control area. Go to the chassis part of this site to learn how to keep the battery in the truck. You will need to take off the brace to mke it easier on yourself. Drill holes in the a-arms apx. 8cm from the center of the inter screw pin. Two more holes need to be drilled in the chassis 25cm from the trans. case and as far out to the side as possable. The final hole needed in the chassis will be in the center.It will need to be 1cm back from where the wall was. Now just bolt the bar on using buton or cuntersunk screws though the top of the chassis. the screws need to be as flat as possable to the chassis. use bolts to hold the bar retaners on.

  Shocks I'm running Losi shocks on the rear. To install them you will need a 20cm long screw, Traxxas rod end ball, and a nut. Run the screw through the back of the shock tower. Slip the ball over the screw. Put the shock on the ball and hold it on with the nut. You can use standard Losi mounitng hardware on the bottom. (with XXT arms, will lower your ride height.)

Run CVD's

Running MIP's CVD's greatly reduces slop in the driveline increasing acceleration.
  Stability with shock pacement
Move the shocks out to as far as you can get them. I cut the a-arms' shock mount down to the level of the a-arm. Then drilled holes 4cm from the last factory hole. When remounting the shock you well need to put 3cm of spacers between the arm and the shock ball.This will add overall stabilty to your truck.

New shock tower!

I made this shock tower using a XXT rear tower. It's much stronger and lighter then stock with more tuneablity. Avalable in XXT and Evader ST Graphite towers.

E-mail me if intrested.

  The right size bar Start with a #3 size bar if you have the stock diff. in your truck. If you have a ball diff start with a #2 bar. The bigger the bar the less turning you will have however, your truck will be more stable.

Stretched it for stability

Curently, I'm using XXXT MF2 rear arms. The shocks were langhted to reach to arms with long ball cups to mount the shock shaft to the arm. This well bring the truck to nearly the same track front and rear without backspacing in the rims. You well not be able to use Traxxas sized CVDs with this set-up. I will be tring to find a CVD to fit this weekend.