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This is the latest set up on my pede.
This chassis has been "trimed" so that 6 & 7 cell flat packs and stick packs can be used. Hard wireing can be used as well. The chassis and front arms havd been put on a "diet". The "diet" makes up for the weight of the 3300 GP/Fusion 6-cell packs I'm using. The front shocks have been moved out on the botom to help with stability. A larger sway-bar has been used sence the middle sway-bar mount was removed. I tested this set-up at the track (SoCal). I found that I had to turn down my steering rate. The truck turned to well; it was vary fast as well! I was using a stock (27 turn) motor geared 19/87 and 3300 Fusion 6-cell batteries. The servo in the pics. is a Airtronics 200oz servo. Hope this helps you. Let me know. This is the way the truck is set-up as of 11/05.

Top shot
You can see the elec. hanging off the side and the center bar holding the batt. in. Having the elec. hang on the side has evened the weight of the truck. This helps it "fly" and land evenly.
Botom shot
Here you can see the large hole for batt. cooling and weight triming. Also the larger sway-bar is seen.
Front arms
Here you can see the weight trim and shock muont used.
Front travel
Rear travel
Weight disrabution using your battery.
If the wall where your old msc servo or stock esc in your truck was is removed you can use your battery as a handling tool by moving its' weight forward for more steering or rearward for more traction. You may also use sadle packs to spit the weight of the battery.
Old chassis
If you would like info the old chssis, fell free to E-mail me.