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These are my 4 "real" race cars
I'm very well versted on how to set these cars up so, let me know if you need help.

XX 'cr'

Needed: good take off  2.61 trans case. I have 2.19 cases to trade.


Wanted any unwanted XX's. E-mail me if you've got them.


I also have some parts for these cars that are hard to find. Let me know if you need something.

XXT set-up

Set-up:( Stock truck):


0* toe, 2* - camber, Arms level ride height , inside bellcrank w/2 washers under ball stud, inside camberlink, inside a-arm shock mount, #1 shock tower shock mount, 2 washers under ball stud in caster block, 35 wt. oil, red pistons, red spring, no limiters.


2* pivot support, bones level ride height, 2*- camber, Bulkhead hole #5, shock tower hole #1,  inside a-arm shock mount, hub hole B, 30 wt. oil, red pistion, pink spring, b limiter outside.

Trans. and chassis

Pro-line Edge front tire, pro-line Hole-shot rear tire, 2.61 trans., X-long chassis, batt. full back, Monster stock pro motor.


So Cal's track is diffrent every day so gearing changes based on the track that day. Most of the time 88/17 w/ a dubble slipper. Jump based tracks 90/17 w/ dubble slipper. When the track gets slippery, use of a hydra-drive will help a lot.

Racing Gear

Novak GT7 ESC

Novak XXTra recvier

Airtronics 737 Servo

Fusion GP Team packs

XXT cr (Mod Truck)

Set-up same as stock truck.

This is the new body for my trucks.

I now have one I'm running and winning at So Cal