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Front suspension and steering

Front suspension
The factory front end setup on the Stampede leaves somethings to be desired. The setup I've found works best is as follows. Widened once more.

Yes, you can put a sway-bar on the front of a Stampede,and it will help. Heres' how. You will need a Losi rear sway-bar kit for a XXT truck. First,drill a hole in each A-arm about 3cm from the first cross ridge. Second, drill holes in the shock tower. They need to be next to the tie rod mount,leave room for a shock limter to fit next to the tie rod muont. Thrid, find about 13cm of shock travel limters. Now, run a long screw (at lest 20cm long) thrugh the shock tower from the back. Now, put the limiters on with a thin washer on top. Set the bar on the screws and put the retaners over the bar. Hold the whole mess together with a bolt. Finaly, put ball studs in the a-arms, linkage on the bar,and snap it all together. Try starting with a #1 bar.{use one size smaller bar in back when using a front bar.}
I used Duratrax evader front shocks on my truck. I run red or yellow springs,red pistions, and 40wt oil on my truck on a normal day. Run the ride hight at arms level. You will need to flip the adj. upside down, and put a big spring spacer under it.  You sould not need any restictors.

Springs and sway-bars
The harder the sring the more steering you will have. However, sway-bars go the other way. The smaller the bar the more steering. You will need to play around with diffrent combinations to find one that suits your driving style.

Update LOOK
All front end has been converted to Nitro Stampede and B4 25 deg. caster blocks. This helps with pushing at speed. Watch for oversteer at low speed. You will need a set of frist gen. T-maxx rear toe links for steering links. Do not use with a sway bar.