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So I lost a wheel
Back when I was 9, I took my pede down to So Cal for a normal race night. At that time, So Cal's off-road track had poles in the infield. One of the poles happened to be next to a dubble. Well I punched the the gas to try to clear to jump. As luck whould have it the truck got sideways on me. My truck found that pole square with the right front and did sevral backflips. The impact sheared the caster block in two. When the truck finaly landed the turn mashal picked it up thinking it was dead. He was wrong, I yelled as loud as I could "Put that truck down!". I think I scared the poor guy bad. He droped my car like it was on fire. I finshed the that race last and 3 laps down but, I finshed. After all, it still moved and tried to steer. Thats good enuogh for me.

School wheelie
My ROP shop class in high school looked for every excuse to have a party. On one of these party days I broght my pede. During the first introduction run, to show off what my truck could do, I did a standard wheelie. I didn't let off til the truck had gone 125yds! That stunt got me in alot of trouble with my other teachers. Seems that it "disturbed class". Opps, I put a little fun in what otherwise was a normal boring school day.